The Trial Run

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Created: Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Trial release for X-Wing

A couple of weeks ago, DeAgostini released information about a new epic build for Star Wars. This time, it will be a 1:18 X-Wing. Well, i really had very little choice in the matter so i signed up to the trial via their website.

We know it is a trial as this is the usual process DeAgostini work with. They use it to gauge how much demand there is for the product, which allows them to order the correct number of parts for the issues. A trial run is usually for 4 issues, and we can provide feed back on the quality of the parts, magazine and anything else that is useful to get this build into production.

You will be charged for these issues, but if it does go into production, you generally get the first 4 issues for free. This is the first trial i have done for DeAgostini, and am currently awaiting the first post to see what it is like. I will be documenting the build of this, along with the full version if it goes ahead.

I am more excited about this build than i was for the Millennium Falcon, as the X-Wing has a special memories for me. It was the first Star Wars toy i opened on Christmas when i was very young (well, after the Chewbacca that i got in my stocking).