Not going to Build the X-wing

Created: Tuesday, June 18, 2019

It has been a while since i had the test issues for the X-Wing Build from DeAgostini (in March 2017). Not certain why it has taken so long to get from the trial run to full production for this model, especially considering other parts of the world have it.

So why am i not building this? There is no single reason, but a whole load of small ones which i have listed below.

  1. I am yet to finish the Falcon build. Now, this is down to me buying a house, setting up a business and being in the middle of upgrading my garage into a workshop/office. Once this has been done, then i am eager to get on that build. I will now have the space to give that model the attention is deserves.
  2. I finished the R2D2 build, and felt a little hollow by it. The model itself looks great, and i got a large C3PO to go beside it. I want to upgrade that C3PO model and thus more time.
  3. I have a lot of other items that will be taking my time up soon. Star War Legion being one of them. I have a large amount of miniatures to paint.
  4. Have heard a few grumbles about deliveries and missing/delayed issues.

I believe that when the above has been done, it could be close to a year that the X-Wing build would have been going for. I am aware that there will always be people that will stop the build or sell all their issues for a reasonable price as well. Failing that, DeAgostini will also make the full kits available at a discount.

I am also currently building the T800 Terminator model - which has only just started and i can easily catch up on the builds.

So, i am delaying getting this until a lot later in the build - where i will hopefully get a kit at a good price.