The Build Starts

Parts 1-8
Created: Saturday, March 4, 2017

The first set of issues have arrived, and the build has begun. The R2D2 build is something a little different to ones i have done in the past. This is mainly due to all the electronics that will be required. We start off this build with a couple of electronics that will appear on the dome.

R2 D2 Leg - has some weight to it

R2 D2 Leg - has some weight to it

The first few issues have given us one of the legs of R2. The silver bits are actual metal - and give it some weight. This is only part of the leg and already gives an indication of how heavy the final model will be. They have already stated that the done will be a single metal piece, so expect that to be fairly heavy.

A little disappointed that we have a seam join on display. I am sure DeAgostini could have manufactured the piece without the seam showing. I have decided to leave the seam there for the time being. I may revisit that decision as the build progresses.

The dome for R2 is also started. The metal tip has a bearing underneath it to allow for the dome to spin when fully completed.

The black parts are a plastic, i believe to try and reduce the weight of the model overall. It it was too heavy, it may not spin well.

I had zero problems building this and the instructions in the magazine were very clear.

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The Dome top

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As i mentioned earlier, there are a lot of electronics in this build. We have 2 different electronic devices here, for different parts of the build.

We were given a battery testing pack to ensure the lights on the devices work correctly. I am happy that they are both working as they should based on these tests.

Most of these items will have to be kept to one site until the build progresses before i can install them.