R2D2 Leg Complete

Created: Sunday, September 24, 2017

Slow Build

This feels like a really slow build. We are now on issue 36, and we have only completed the Right leg. OK, we have most of the dome built, and had some electronics, but the build feels a lot slower. The issues we can build can be completed really quickly as well (about 30 minutes maximum for 4 issues). Putting this aside, this is an enjoyable build, and i like the feel and weight of my R2. It is going to be a fairly heavy droid, but that will only add to the quality of it.

So, with the completion of issue 36, the Right leg is now complete. I have tested the motor and it works - which is always a good sign. I did have a small issue with the cables being a little too tight within the leg, so i took it apart and rebuilt it.

R2 Right Leg

R2 Right Leg - Side View

R2 Right Leg Face on

R2 Right Leg - Face On

I have started the build of the Lightsaber ejection tube, and the start of the left leg.

Think i will leave it again for a few months before updating. If anyone wants to know more, there are plenty of R2 Build Vlogs on YouTube.