Half Way Point

Slow build progress
Created: Sunday, January 14, 2018

We have just hit the half way mark, and there is still so much left to do. We only really have the Right Leg completed, while the Left is virtually there.

The biggest problem with the build so far is the amount of time it takes per issue. I have this on order, so i will get 4 issues to work with. Generally this will take me about 30 minutes to finish fully. With the Falcon Build, there was plenty to do, and i would generally spend a lot longer on those issues than R2's.

I know the end process will be worth it, but it is a little frustrating at this point. The single metal dome looks amazing, and we sticking some of the blue panels to it. We have a lot of electrics, but no real use for them at the moment.

I am glad i did not do a video blog of building this (i was tempted), as they would generally only last 5 mins each.

No new images, as there is really nothing much to show at the moment.