Walking on Fire

Pushing Myself
Created: Sunday, February 21, 2016

Late last year I realised that I was in a slump, I felt like my life was going off road instead of staying on the tracks. There are probably many reasons for this but they are not important. What is important is how I will get myself back on my chosen track. So this year I decided to make a number of goals that were achievable - from small little amends/adjustments to large commitments - such as buying a house. I have been doing them since the beginning of the year - I made pancakes for everyone at work and really enjoyed myself.

Friday 19th Feb, I did my first personal challenge for charity - walking barefoot across hot coals. This was to raise some money for the Shakespeare Hospice as well as a really interesting challenge. I needed to raise a minimum of a £100, which I passed. The firewalk itself was over very quickly - after all it was only 20' long, which for me was 6 paces (with the 7th going off the coals). What was really fun was the build up.

The event was hosted by a company called Blaze. The speaker gave us a talk about fire walking, as well as 'positive thinking'. To me this was really interesting as it confirmed a few thoughts I had come to myself while realising my life was off track. A highlight of this was when we were having to cheer at our partner while they were saying 'I am powerful, I am strong, I am magnificent'. My partner was a work colleague who is fairly similar to me (it has been said that she is like a female version of me - but don't hold that against her). While I was shouting those words five times at the top of my voice and waving my hands about, she was in front of me cheering and clapping. It was so surreal, funny and uplifting at the same time it really did but me in a massive positive mind set. I managed to quash my inner doubting demons for that brief period of time. THAT is something I will take away from this event more than anything else.

As the time approached for us to do the walk, we all ventured outside. Now I am the type of person that will happily allow someone else to do something before me, so I ended up being at the end of the queue. Shoes and socks off, we waited in turn, while cheering the people that were walking across it. Isoble (my work colleague) was just in front of me when we approached the start. At this point the coals were raked, and Isobel decided she didn't want that, so being a true gentleman I swapped with her (to be honest, I was more than happy to have the fresh coals). I was SO up for the walk, I was bouncing on my toes while I waited for the permission to start walking.

[Instructor]: What is your name?

[Me]: Ric

[Instructor]: Are you ready?

[Me]: Hell Yeah

It was like walking on fresh snow that had a slight frost to it. There was a soft crunch as the foot went on the coals, and it really did feel light and fluffy. There was some heat, but not as much as I thought there would be. Believe me when I say it was hot - you could feel the heat while waiting at the start. I just didn't notice it while I was walking. When I got the end I was ecstatic - I had just walked over really hot coals. I also had very sooty feet.

While we were in the pub after (drinking a well deserved pint) we got round to other potential challenges. I had not put too much thought in more challenges like this, but I got such a kick from this that I will be doing something in the future.

I am not back on track yet - but I believe I starting to turn to face the right direction to get there.