Escaping the Room

A Time Travel escape
Created: Friday, April 7, 2017

For some reason, our friend Jamie has managed to loose himself in time. Why he didn't wait for us is a mystery. However, he is lost and we are charged with trying to rescue him. To make life harder, there are a number of puzzles that we need to solve to track him down in various times in history. We have to do all of this in 60 minutes.

The Day

Fear not, i will NOT be detailing ANYTHING about the room we entered and this will be spoiler free. All the information here is what you are told BEFORE you enter the room.

At Christmas, we were given a voucher to pick a room to escape by some friend, who had done a number of these room already. We booked it early in the year, but could only have an appointment about 8 weeks later. Well, that's a sign that this could be good. Why wait for many weeks if it is rubbish.

Escape Live Birmingham does not have any Car Parking on it premises, but there are PLENTY of parking spaces within 5 minutes walk. It is just round the corner from Snow Hill station as well. It's a small building but the sign was fairly obvious. We entered and chatted to the guys on the desk for a bit. After a while, we were introduced to our game master, and he gave us a brief.

Essentially, each room has a number of puzzles that need to be solved. We needed to get all the clues and answers to the puzzles together to unlock a stage. There are props in the room that are locked, by a combination padlock or a key. Solving clues will give you the combination or key, which may lead to other puzzles. Solving all the puzzles should provide you with a key to unlock the door and escape the room.


I have never done one of these live before. Yes, i have done the computer games and have had some success with them. There was just the three of us doing this room, and that seemed about right (the maximum is 4). All three of us went at it, and we managed to escape the room with just over 13 minutes left. We did get a little stumped in a couple of occasions, and our games master did help us out a little.

All in all, i really enjoyed this and would love to do another one later on in the year. The only problem is you can not really do the same room again, so once you have done all the rooms, that's it - move to another company.

We escaped - with 13 mins to spare

We escaped - with 13 mins to spare