A new site

Created: Wednesday, March 8, 2017

All good things

The world changes all the time, and the internet is no different. Over a year ago i decided to get my personal blog back up and running. I was pleased with how it went, but it didn't deliver what i wanted it to do. It was a blog, but i wanted a site where i could write some articles about the things i enjoy and be able to make amends to them. I wanted a slowly evolving article site.

So, armed with my Umbraco knowledge, i built this site from the ground up. It's a fairly basic site that delivers what i intended it to deliver at this stage. It allows me to categories the site into section, sub categories in to series and allows a lot of articles that i can update whenever i have something to add to them.

That's not all folks!

I will be make a number of changes in the future to add some extra functionality to the site. I would like more interaction with some social media site on here. More links to other services to news that i think people may find useful. I also want to add a facility that shows me news feed items from other sources. That last one is a little weird - i could use Feedly or something similar. However, my thoughts are other people may also be interest in a lot of these news items, so why not make it freely available.

But i need a bit of break, and i have to work on some other sites. Therefore i would expect some of these changes to appear later on the in year.