UK Games Expo 2017

Created: Saturday, June 10, 2017

Day One

Day one saw me entering the Settlers of Catan championships. I have never entered a competition like this before, and my aim was to win a game. I had three chances to get this done. As it happens, i managed to cross that objective after the first game. For some unknown reason, the planets aligned and the dice just went in my favour. I went for the City/Development card route, and i managed to blow my opponents out of the water (i think it was my third turn that i managed to get a city). Yes, we had an annoying kid playing with us - but i consider that more of a hindrance and a benefit. I lost the other 2 games, but i eventually finished 5th on the day. I was really pleased with this and i think i will enter the tournament again next year.

Ian Livingstone from UK Games Expo 2017

Image from Beasts of War

I entered the show itself during my lunch break. I am so glad that i did. I managed to stumble across Ian Livingston, of the Fighting Fantasy books fame. He was signing and selling books and he had a hardback of Warlock of Firetop Mountain for sale. It was £20, so i snapped that up and he kindly signed it.

I loved the Fighting Fantasy book and was really happy that i got to chat with him. He showed me a couple of covers for the new reprints that will be coming out this year. I now want to read them all again.

I forgot to take a photo, so i nabbed one from the internet. Here is the image from Beasts of War.

I also bought myself a nice set of Metal Dice. Just an excuse to start playing with them now. Apart from that, i spent very little. Our group had saved up a little bit of money and bought the games i was interested in. Terraforming Mars and Champions of Midgard. Looking forward to playing these. I did get a copy of 'Hey, that's my fish', a very quick and fun game with penguin's.

Day 2

Day 2 was dedicated to Star Wars Destiny Championships. This was originally intended to be 6 games on Saturday and 2 games on Sunday. Was supposed to start at 11am with break for lunch, and registration was from 9:30. For some reason, they decided it would be a good idea to scrap all that and just annoy people. They changed it to be 10 games and start at midday. This put a lot of people on the wrong footing and a large portion of players dropped out after a few games.

Star wars destiny

I played 5 games in total, and lost 4 and won 1. This may seem rubbish, but they were really great games and very close (except 1, which i lost massively). I was trying out a different type of deck and while it was not going to challenge the meta - it was enjoyable to play. Left to get food and mooch around the show while a couple of friends continued on. Webby came in the top third which was a great achievement.

I will enter again next year, but i don't think there will be a need to rush to get there based on this years effort. This is the first big event for Destiny, so hopefully a lot of lessons would have been learnt.

I also found a nice little past time for me. It is a patreon called Monster Box. Essentially this will be a large monster delivered to my door every month. The miniatures will need some assembling and will be about 70mm high (and can be used with general 28-25mm figures). They are monsters, so can come in any shape or size - so looking forward to how these will work in the future.

Day 3

This day was dedicated to playing games, and seeking out any bargains. We played the new Warhammer 40k game, and i enjoyed it. Much faster than previous incarnations, but not 100% certain if power creep will not enter it again. Will probably get some figures to play again in the future, but will stick to small scale space marines to keep costs down.

Apart from that, this was a quiet day.