Created: Tuesday, February 6, 2018
Nemesis Box

The main box for the game

Kickstarter Campaign

I admit, i was late backing this project. If i wasn't in the process of moving house, i would have backed this a lot sooner. However, better late than never.

This kickstarter will probably get close to £3million when it finishes - that is something amazing and only a few games have reached in the past - and most of those are probably CMON.

What attracted me to the game was fairly simple - the quality of the sculpts for both the heroes and aliens. Then i watched the videos and got excited about the game play. You are playing one of the heroes aboard the Nemesis, a ship that is flying to another planet. There is an issue and the crew wakes up, apart from one. You then need to explore the ship to change course, check engines etc. However, make too much noise, and the intruders will attack. The intruders are brutal and it could be a massive challenge to beat them in combat, so you need to run. Killing them all is not really an option, so complete your quests and get out of there.

The game can be played in many modes, co-op, competitive, solo. This flexibility attracted me to the game even more. There is a £70 cost to the game, but i feel you will get a LOT of kit for this amount. There are many stretch goals already completed, and at the time of writing, there is a new expansion being made based on the feed back from the backers, and they can vote on the models, characters and basic story.

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Stretch Goals

More information about the game from Man v Meeple.