The Story So Far

The adventure begins
Created: Sunday, January 14, 2018

Getting the Gang together

Is there anything worse than having an empty stomach? Everyone needs to eat, including me. I may be a scoundrel, quick footed and light of fingers, but stealing food is just bothersome. Much better to have some coin and pay for good food that has been cooked by the best chefs around. Unfortunately, i was in the Sleeping Lion Inn eating something that was dubiously called meat, with 3 other characters in a similar position as myself.

Jekserah approached out table. She was dressed finely and had jewels on visible display. I smirked and shook my head slightly. She was flaunting her wealth in this low end inn. I glanced around and saw a number of her bodyguards. Not taking any risks after all, and neither will i. I think i will let her keep some of her jewels this time.

She stands there waiting for all of us to acknowledge her. Without any preamble, she states 'I will pay you 10 gold if you will track down a thief and retrieve some stolen goods. I don't care what you do to him, just get back what is mine'.

We all looked at each other and nodded consent. With that, she wheels on her heel and leaves the inn. Time to pay our tab and try to locate where this hideout is. This bandit must have been fairly new, or weak, as it was very easy to get the located of the gang that stole from Jekserah. We needed to head out to the Black Barrow - sounds like a lovely place.

The Black Barrows

Before we head to the barrows, we needed to get some gear. On the way to the marketplace, we spot a couple of people 'dealing'. What they were dealing was not known, but they really shouldn't have been doing it in front of us. We boldly walked over to them and interrupted their cultist deal. We didn't get much for our troubles, just a glass of foul liquid that non of us wanted. Waste of our time, but we got our gear and headed out.

We managed to find the entrance to the Black Barrows very easily. If these bandits ever wanted to be taken seriously, they really needed to get their act together and start concealing their lairs. To be honest, they must have had a lookout that we didn't spot, as they were ready for us when we entered. A group of 6 scumbags were up for a fight, and i for one wasn't going to disappoint them. With the speed of wind, we cut them down and opened the door. More scumbags. More death. It went a little askew and didn't go to plan, and we had to quickly retreat, regroup and try again. This time we worked like a team and managed to defeat them all. I even managed to pick up some of that lovely coin they just threw about the place.

Problem is, our target is not here.

Back to Gloomhaven

We decided to head back to Gloomhaven for some extra supplies. On the way to the Sleeping Lion Inn, a woman approaches us and moans about rats in her basement. We were not in the best of moods, and the woman's whining just got to us, and we told her to get lost. The locals did not like this, and so we quickly made our way to the Inn to escape any unwelcome interventions.

We still need to get stolen treasure for Jekserah. But first we need some sleep.