Game Diary

The world of Gloomhaven awaits

Our gaming group started to explore the world of Gloomhaven. This will contain a write up of our adventures within this world, so it WILL contain spoilers for the game. Gloomhaven is a legacy game, so decisions we make will have an impact on our game, so this may be different from your game.

This diary is being written for a couple of reasons. The first is that i want to improve my writing skills. The other is to provide a refresher for our group when we come to play the game. As this IS a massive game, we will be playing it at least once a month, maybe more. As a result we will probably forget what happened earlier on in the year, so a little reminder will help us out massively.

A final point to remember - this is MY recollection of the events. It will be be from MY characters point of view. Luke does his own write ups on his blog ( - this is a great blog exploring a LOT of different elements of board games - so go read it).