Boardgames are more than Monopoly

Created: Tuesday, January 26, 2016

I am a massive fan of boardgames, and am lucky enough to have a small group of friends that have the same passion for it. I do have other friends that do not know or play many board games and when we are talking about it, they are generally thinking of Monopoly, Cluedo or Scrabble. These are good classic games that are suitable for the whole family, but boardgames can and do go a lot further.

The trouble is getting the right game for the right people. There are a number of games that are considered gateway games. These are games that are ideal for new people to be introduced to the world of board games. These are not 'easy', 'simple' or 'basic'. They are considered to have a fairly low learning curve, with lots of re-playability and great fun to play. Due to the great playability of these games, new players have a lot of fun and are willing to try more games. These then lead to more complex and rewarding games.

There is a current bloom in new boardgames. Kickstarter is full of new game ideas. Tabletop, with Wil Wheaton (he from Star Trek: The Next Generation), is a YouTube series that explores all these games. It is presented in a fun and informative way. The rules are explained, the game is played, and the results are presented. I watch every episode of tabletop to get information on potential new games. This series also covers a lot of the Gateway games.

But what are these Gateway games? They fall into a number of different categories (World Building, Worker Placement, Card etc.). There are lots of sites on the internet that have Gateway games - this list is my personal selection based on games I have played and have introduced to other players. I will explore each game in more depth later (and will update this post with links to the posts). So here is my selection of Gateway games (in no specific order):

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