Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Created: Friday, January 5, 2018

Who is the Last Jedi?

With what is now a new tradition, our gaming group went to the 3D IMAX cinema in Birmingham on Christmas Eve to watch Star Wars. We tried our best to avoid any spoilers, but it was fairly difficult with all the moaning about the film on Twitter and Facebook, and i was starting to get a little concerned with what the film would contain. OK, most of the moans were about the film in general, and not specific parts. I tried to put all of that to one side and make up my own mind. I am of the age that grew up with Star Wars, and it WAS an important part of my life.

It is now weeks since the film has been released, so i will not be holding back on what i write here. If you have a problem with that, then i respectfully ask you not to proceed any further.

Film Still

Film Still

For me, the film started great. I enjoyed the bomber scene and wondering if the bombs would be dropped. It had heroics and action, it was fast paced and it brought a bang to the start. I know people didn't like it, but for me it was over in a blink of eye. This is how the whole of the film progressed for me. Before i knew it, it was nearing the end - or so i thought.

I thought the film was going to end when we knew they were going to successfully land in a protected base. I believed that this would have set up the next film nicely. But no, in a 'Return of the King' style, there were multiple possible endings. Looking back, i can understand why - it was to set up Luke being absorbed into the Force. They needed to kill off another of the original characters, first it was Han, now Luke - and we can only assume the Leia will die in the next film due to Carrie Fishers death in 2016.

The film was Star Wars, the resistance was being hammered and down trodden, and becoming the Underdog again. This should set up the next film nicely.

There are issues with the film and here are some that i felt a little off with.

  • Vice Admiral Holdo not explaining to Poe what was happening? Why not? There was no secrecy about it, so why not explain to Poe what was about to happen and use him. OK, he had been demoted, but he caused a lot of issues from being in the dark.
  • Vice Admiral Holdo commits suicide to save the fleet. This was a great moment in the film - but why did she wait for a load of transporters to get destroyed? She knew she was going to die anyhow, so why not do it straight away. On a personal note, i liked this character, and thought she may have been a replacement for Leia in the next film - boy, was i way off there.
  • Canto Bight is all honesty was not needed. It kind of ruined the pace and flow for me.
  • Force Leia was a little off. I have read a lot of the books, and we know she has some force power. In the films, this is not the case. I can see why people were not happy about that. My problem with the scene was the fact she seemed to suffer no problems from being in a vacuum.
  • Rey fighting the guards like a pro, when she has had no real training in the art. These guards are the best of the best, and they should have won hands down. Minor quibble only, as the scene was awesome to watch.

I know some people didn't like the fact that Luke wanted to kill Kylo Ren, but i didn't have a problem with this, or the fact that he turned his back on the force. I also liked how Luke ended, very similar to Obi Wan (and giving us the opportunity to see him again in the future).


I really enjoyed this film and will give it an 8/10. Rogue One was a touch better in this new batch of films. I still prefer Star Wars, A New Hope, but this is certainly up there with the best and i am eagerly awaiting the final film of this trilogy.

My Rating: 8 / 10