Solo: A Star Wars Story

The Trailer
Created: Monday, February 5, 2018
Updated: Tuesday, February 6, 2018

The Super Bowl trailer

I am not an American Football fan, however like most other people, the adverts do interest me. The top one for me is the sneak peak trailer for Solo. I was eager to see this to see what direction the film could be taking. When i was announced that they were going to make a young Solo movie, i was skeptical. Wasn't Han fairly young in the original films? Apparently not.

From what i could see of the trailer, i think it will see the winning of the Millennium Falcon (probably bought new by Lando), the meeting of Chewie, the Kessel Run and a love triangle (Han, Landon and Qi'Ra?).

This trailer looked a lot better than i thought it might be. Yes, trailers can be very limiting in what the film will be, but this has me hopeful. A longer trailer will be released later so i will be catching that one as soon as possible.

First Trailer

The first trailer has dropped. This trailer is giving the impression that this will be a heist type of movie, building a team and then showing a glamorous setting.

The only concern i have is the fact that Han doesn't look or sound like Han. Sure, it is a minor concern, and i hope the story overall will make up for it.