Commando: An 80's Classic

Created: Saturday, March 25, 2017
DvD cover from this 80's classic

DvD cover from this 80's classic

Myself and a few friends decided to have an 80's action movie night. It was mooted that we should watch a Schwarzenegger, Stallone and Willis film. Original suggestions were Predator and Terminator for Arnie. Don't get me wrong, these ARE classic 80's action movies, but i wanted to see a film that was essentially the best of the genre at the time. Commando.

I was a young teenager when this came out, and i was well aware of the film mainly through the computer game. It was an 18, but i remember we managed somehow to rent a copy of the video and watched it at a friends house. It summed up the time neatly for us, and i freely admit that i wanted to be just like Arnie.

Well, that never happened as it turns out you need to train really hard for that physic, and i am a little lazy in that regard. I never really saw the movie again until very recently. So i suggested it to the group for very selfish reasons: I wanted to re-watch it. Turns out there are a number of my friends who had not seen it.

It has all the classic hallmarks of an 80's action movie. The main hero, and there is no bigger hero that Arnie. The bad guy, who is not an American. The reason to take on over the odds risk. The glamours sidekick. The music. Plus some very silly scenes. So in no particular order:

  • Why does Arnie rip the seat out the car? He does that and stays up right. We could understand if he laid low, but he didn't. It wasn't due to his size, as he later drove the vehicle. I think he did it just to show off his strength.
  • Another scene he approached a gate. It was locked with a padlock. Arnie being Arnie, he decided to just rip it and brake the metal chain. Come on, he's strong but surely not that strong.
  • How to break Arnie from the police van? I know, lets use a missile launcher to free him. Of course, nothing could go wrong with that - especially as i have never fired one before.
  • The stupidity of the guards. Lets not not use cover. Lets use our bodies instead to stop these pesky bullets.
  • Jenny sits in a room feeling sorry for herself for about 6 hours. Come on, i am sure Arnie taught you a few survival lessons. Should have acted a lot sooner.

But this is an action move, so you let all of these slide. There were some great scenes, just slightly marred by lack of technology at the time. When Arnie blows up the buildings on the island, there are some dummies in front of them. We know they are dummies because they do not move, and are in a pose to show off clothes. It was the time when everything was physically done and there was no CGI afterwards, and people had to be safe.

Bennett the bad guy was a little woollen, and his chain-mail vest? Well, it was the 80's.


All in all, Commando is still an enjoyable film and i am glad i now own it on BluRay. Time to get ready to watch more. 8/10