The Horned God
Created: Tuesday, February 6, 2018
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Tir Nan Og, the Land of the Young, suffers under the dominion of the Drune Lords, who poison the earth with their magic. To save his people, Celtic warrior Sláine must unite the four kings and make use of their mystical weapons as he leads the Sessair tribe into battle...

A stunning fantasy saga from writer Pat Mills (Marshal Law, Nemesis the Warlock) and artist Simon Bisley (ABC Warriors, Lobo), The Horned God is a rich and vibrant epic that see the Awe-wielding barbarian ascend to the next level, and ushered in the dawn of a new age, both for the series and comics in general.

I started to collect 2000AD a few months before issue 555, when they changed their format and brought in a new logo for the magazine. During this time, i was mainly interested in the Judge Dredd storylines, and others that interested me. Surprisingly, Sláine did not interest me until the Horned God was released in issue 626. I was also a little older (fourteen), and the fact that there were scantly clad women in the art work probably helped (it was an age before the internet and many channel TV, and access to scantily clad women was restricted).

I remember being blown away by the artwork, but very confused with the story. I persisted, and while i never really got to grips with the story, i still admired the artwork and looked forward to the issues.

Jump forward many years, the Ultimate Collection of 2000AD was released with this as their first issue. I have collected the Judge Dredd Mega Collection, so i was aware of what i was letting myself in for. Reading it too me back all those years. The artwork is still amazing and now i can absorb and understand the story. Hopefully there will be other issues with the other classic stories of Sláine, as i have not read any of them.

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Scan from the book

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Scan from the inside of the book

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Scan from the book


Instead of heading to the internet and copying images from other sites, i have scanned some pages from my own copy. That is why they are slightly off center, have the book binding, and may be less crisp that other images you may have seen in the past.

My Rating: 7 / 10

2000AD: The Ultimate Collection

2000AD: The Ultimate Collection is a collection of hardback comics featuring the best stories from 2000AD