A little about me

It's all lies, ALL LIES

A middle aged geek

I admit it, i am a middle aged geek. Nothing wrong with that in my opinion. As you may gather from the content on this site i enjoy board games, reading, model making and watching SciFi films and TV. It is a genre i have always been interested in. I am also a Black Belt in TaeKwondo, build Websites/Applications for a living and have a number of Chickens.

I remember being at a Butlins camp in the early 80's when i saw a book that had an awesome cover on it. I had a lot of holiday money left over, so i bought it. It was the start of my journey into reading Fantasy. The book was Dragons of Autumn Twilight and i loved it. My group of friends also read it and we then started playing Dungeons and Dragons, which led to Talisman, which lead to computer games which led to addiction which led to me being a middle aged geek.

I am based in the midlands, UK, and am extremely fortunate to have a group of friends who also enjoy the stuff i do. I am also very lucky to be in a well paid career which helps to support my hobbies/addictions.

That's enough of me boring you.